Turned small metal parts

Precision machining

MI.SO has been operating in the mechanical sector since 1985, when the workshop was equipped with the first cams machines for the machining of components for big and small producers of different fields. Since then the development has been continuous, with innovations that allowed the company to specialize on turned small metal part and to be recognised for its efficiency and reliability

Thanks to its latest generation machines, an high precision quality control with laser technology and the presence of high qualified technicians able to offer a wide-range of advice, MI.SO. is proposed as the ideal partner for ambitious reality. The internal technical office checks the details and the feasibility of every project, while the production area guarantees maximum precision and respect of the agreed delivery times.

Every day, MI.SO. provides big, medium and small series of metallic parts for all sectors, with high quality finishing and the possibility to manage also the product shipment phase. For a cutting-edge and customized industry.